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Wedding Backdrops

Planning the most important party of your life can make couples feel overwhelmed. That is why we are presenting this list of backdrops to highlight our most popular options chosen by couples. 

These best-sellers have proven to capture the fun at past wedding parties. When curating our collection of backdrops, these instantly caught our eye for their beauty and their versatility. There is a style to match all kinds of wedding inspiration and we hope this guide will help you find yours. 

Our Top 4 Most Popular
Wedding Backdrops


#1 best seller badge.png

Rosie is the all time popular choice for couples who are looking to tie in their wedding decoration with an elegant flower wall. Alongside the red carpet, this gives the final touch of luxury to your party.

Available with the Deluxe Package.

all time favourite badge.png

Kardashian White

The Kardashian White backdrop is simply elegant to create a beautiful retro style of photos. The option to have the photos in colour is available.  

Available with the Classic Package.


This popular backdrop comes with a neon sign reading "bring on the night". It is the perfect addition to a fun party.

Available with the Deluxe Package.


Elevate your entertainment with opting for this understated elegant marble backdrop with gold veins. This trusted photo booth backdrop brings a divine sense of sophistication.

Available with the Classic Package.

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