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Photo booths are also great for events such as seminars and conferences, awards nights, charity dinners and galas, Christmas parties as well as university summer events.


With Your Crowd

Break the ice with a headshot session to update the guests LinkedIn profiles.


& Instagram

Get your guests to follow your Facebook page and your Instagram account and use your hashtag to post.

# Bring In The Fun

Make your event a night to remember by bringing the entertainment to the next level!

Use social media sharing at University summer events.

Make more impact with the public side of your university summer events by using our instant on-site social media sharing that comes with our packages.

Get Your Guests to Follow Your Facebook & Instagram Accounts

We promote posting on the spot to make sure the guests share their experience using your hashtag on their desired social media platform.

We actively encourage your guests to follow your company's Facebook page and Instagram account. 


Engage with your crowd : get a Headshot Photo Booth

Have you ever though about hiring a product that is fun as well as something that can serve a real purpose at your next corporate event that your attendees can use themselves online?  

Have you ever thought of something that would also be comfortable to use for your solo attendees?

A great add-on is our headshot photobooth.

A photobooth for business headshots offers guests an opportunity to improve their LinkedIn profile picture, and their companies "About Us" page.

It is a great way to break the ice while providing your attendees with a beautiful professional headshot.


Match the spirit of the night with our sophisticated photo booths

Perfect for red carpet events, our photo booths are elegant and sophisticated. We have extensive experience in sporting events such as Formula One, Moto GP, Melbourne Cup and Australian Open. 

Bring the wow! effect to your Christmas party

Are you planning a Christmas work party? Then a photobooth is the perfect add-on to capture the memories that truly make your night unforgettable.


With our fantastic props and our choice of party backdrops we can bring the entertainment of your night to the next level!

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