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"We're passionate about capturing those precious moments you'll cherish forever!"

- John & Stéphanie

Palm Trees Great Times Entertainment

Having worked in Australia in the events industry over the last few years in experiential photography for one of the leading agencies in this field, we decided to come home to the UK and share our enthusiasm and expertise by starting our own company, 7 Colours Photobooths.

Here at 7 Colours Photobooths we love everything that's social, experiential and above all fun!

We have worked at venues of all shapes and sizes, from race courses, on top of ski slopes to everyday conference halls with people from all walks of life.

What matters and will always matter, is the attention to detail, professionalism and customer care that every client we take on receives and is at the forefront of our values as a business.

We endeavour to make your dreams become reality through our creativity and expertise and to savour your most precious moments caught through the eyes of our lenses...

John & Stephanie




Why Choose Us?

One-to-One Attention

We take care of each visitor who enters the photobooth.

From the moment you express your interest in our services, we strive to deliver the best experience possible. We remain available out of the traditional "nine-to-five" hours to answer your questions when you are the most comfortable and relaxed. 

We make the booking process easy and transparent with clear communication and reminders. 

We deliver a five star performance during the event. We fully manage the printing and sharing station, as well as the guest book for weddings. 

You don't need to worry about the details. You can enjoy the fun and let us entertain you!

Stunning Photos

We create a bespoke photo product and offer out-of-scope design services. 

We fully operate the camera and control the lighting. As a result, we get the best shots possible for every skin tone and complexion within an instant photography setting.