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Discover photos from projects we have worked on. 

This section displays photos from our events and also highlights our collection of props and backdrops. 

Noosa Backdrop
Deluxe Collection

This handmade bohemian tassel tapestry is our latest addition!
We presented it at The National Wedding Show in London this year 2021, as it was made bespoke for the VIP lounge at this event.
Given the warm welcome it has received from hundreds of brides, grooms and other visitors at the show this September, we decided to include it to our Deluxe Collection of backdrops. 

The sign can be customised to show your personal message or branding. 

Finally Getting Hitched.JPG
Noosa backdrop sign.jpeg

Rosie Backdrop
Deluxe Collection

This premium flower wall is simply irresistible! We hand picked these soft silk flowers to compose this timeless reception must-have:  roses, peonies and hydrangeas join together in this unique floral arrangement. We had a precise idea for the ultimate pink colour palette that balances pop brightness and vivid pink hues. 

The colour palette works wonders and anyone's complexion looks amazing every time!


Stunning Bride and Groom.JPG
Fun with props.JPG

Tropicana Backdrop
Deluxe Collection

This exotic exclusive backdrop is a hit!

It combines a pop pink neon sign with the vibrant colours from the tropical flowers and foliage.

The style suits any style of party because it is luxurious and fun.  

Showing off the ring.JPG
Party neon sign.PNG

Red Brick Wall Backdrop Classic Collection

This high definition tension backdrop looks just like a real red brick wall.

We love taking photos in front of this backdrop because the colours from the outfits and the props just pop with intensity.

The red brick theme goes well with a vintage, rustic look and can be used for many different event styles.

Fun with props 2
Posing with the grooms

Marble Backdrop
Classic Collection

This classic high definition tension backdrop is an absolute staple of elegance and chic.

The soft shades of white and grey contrast with the rich gold veins of the marble. This fine subtle backdrop is perfect for complicated ornate overlays. 

People really stand out in front of this backdrop!

Glam 2.JPG
Happy Valentine's.JPG

Copper Geometrics
Classic Collection

This modern high definition tension backdrop is smart and simple, with great effect. 

The pink hues complement the copper lines. The dainty pattern of this backdrop makes it versatile and it suits any style of event. 

Fun With Props 4.JPG
Fun With Props 1.JPG