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Our Work

Custom Backgrounds

Muslin backdrops

You can pick from our selction of muslin backdrops. The white backdrop gives the classic finish. The 'green screen' backdrop allows digital creatives that are superimposed in the photos.

You can also go with sequin backdrops or even plain colours.

Backdrop decor

We adapt to whatever is designed for your event. If you have a flower wall,  beautiful scenery, baloon arch or hanging ribbons, we can use the scene available to shoot the photos.

This creates endless possibilities to personalise your photos making your day extra special!

Plain backgound

This is the result of a photo shot with a white background.


The muslin background behind the subject can be any colour or print.

The frame of the photo is tailor made for each event!

Whimsical backdrops

There is no limit but your imagination to create your very own background.

Tell us what works for you and we'll shoot the photo that fits the project. 

Green screen background

Here is an example of the use of a green screen background. Right after the photo is shot, the computer adds the background image to it and the result is amazing. 

This technique is very useful for creating backdrops that would be difficult or costly to produce physically, for example this shimmering water effect! 

What your final digital product could look like!


We also offer high quality, instant prints that can come in 4x6 Landscape or portrait as well as 2x6 strips

Sending and Social Media Sharing

We can send your photos directly to your phone from our iPAD sharing station via SMS and Email where you or your guests can then share them on Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

We can also setup a #Hashtag for your event and run a competition to get more exposure for your company via telling people to post their photos on these platforms in order to win.


An SMS or Email is sent directly to your phone after inputting your details via our iPAD.

You can then open up the link that has been sent to view your photo.

The final thing to do is then hold down on the image and save it into your phones photo album with the prompt.

The photo is now downloaded and ready to be shared on Social Media with a #Hashtag if there is one. It really is that simple!